Recent changes to this wiki:

Can't. Stop. The. CSS.
Shorter lines are more readable lines
Started learning about go
Which naturally lead to me fucking with my CSS.
Redirect my hireme page
Add 2 photos. Be furious at jgm.
I am unclear why the number of columns my text spans should affect ANY
FUCKING THING with its html output. That is beyond obnoxious. Pep8 for
markdown tables.
I have no idea why I haven't run into this sooner, but it is absolutely
astounding that you can't turn this off in any way. Princpal of least
surprise? Get fucked.
Revert "creating tag page tags/photos/birds"
This reverts commit 2633ae78f4462afddb94e3db4430e50c56aea618.
Revert "creating tag page tags/photos/animals"
This reverts commit a6ee852571282502f140ffd48871f5495f6ccb6d.
creating tag page tags/photos/birds
creating tag page tags/photos/animals
calendar update
Modify life list format
I like definition lists.
creating tag page tags/photos/2017/06
Identified random bird as a bushtit
Add male house finch photo
creating tag page tags/photos/2017
creating tag page tags/photos/2017/04
Thomas Maulbeck email fix for x220 post
Also a tweak to the copyright on a different post that was all wonky
Literate vimrc file
This is an experiment that was enabled by my giant universal repo of
doom. Like that repo this may, in fact, be a terrible idea. Like that
repo I reserve the right to slowly back away from this idea and mention
that fact to no one except this git log.
wondered -> wandered
Add osprey photo to life list
Add moose photo
creating tag page tags/photos/70-200mm-f-2.8
creating tag page tags/photos/rocky-mountain-national-park
Link to photos in header, add photo scripts
Forgot to add title to jsonfeeditem.tmpl
Add jsonfeed support
Deterministic turing machine blog post
Move it from a gist to a proper blog post. Not sure why I made it a gist
to begin with.
creating tag page tags/photos/boulder
creating tag page tags/photos/longmont
Add more pictures.
creating tag page tags/photos/bird
creating tag page tags/photos/0mm-f-0
creating tag page tags/photos/landscape
creating tag page tags/photos/animal
creating tag page tags/photos/eagle
creating tag page tags/photos/mountain
creating tag page tags/photos/flatirons
Update pandoc ikiwiki, add flatirons photo
creating tag page tags/photos/24-70mm-f-2.8
Start putting my photos in my blog
creating tag page tags/photos/14mm-f-2.8-1.4
creating tag page tags/photos/nikon-d610
creating tag page tags/photos/vienna
creating tag page tags/photos/model/NIKON-D610
creating tag page tags/photo/model/NIKON-D610
creating tag page tags/photo
creating tag page tags/vienna
Added a comment: Works very well
Inevitable corrections to FCC blog post
What I told the FCC
Added a comment: Using the code
Update: copyright, licensing, images, etc.
Another fiddle with my style
More style layout fiddlng
Update blog typography
A blog/reading update
Added a comment: include gitconfig
Update my blog self-portrait
Also https-ify my photos site links and a quick shout-out for Street
Fighter MotDs which are super cool.
Update books read in 2016
Obligatory spelling error the minute after publishing
Book Review: CODE by Charles Petzold
Added a comment: Great stuff
fix missing me firmware
Update books read
Fix foundation link
Update books read this year
"my" sigh :(
Make sure people don't fry the shit out of things
Man, it's no wonder people don't write posts like this...makes me
Minor fixes for coreboot post
Also, I should make it clear that the steps *actually work*.
Add coreboot post
creating tag page tags/hardware
creating tag page tags/coreboot
"Remote" desk
My remote desk
Add moar books read
Add my first book review!
Committing to this whole 1 archive thing
I just thought about my old blog, balloontoablimp.
I realized that most of that content was gone.
This is what I was able to recover. Most of it is bad, a lot of it is
tone-deaf and irrelevant, but this is what I was able to recover of it.
Revert "Added a comment: DONE?"
This reverts commit 235db1958ce97a4d7ff255e83447f0443b990322.
Revert "Added a comment: DONE?"
This reverts commit 773ae9cd6b31b8ecc2975244d11cf63f5110c03b.
Revert "I actually do think things are fixed."
This reverts commit 87e75f343e2c82dfabccf515ea885422c27c705a.
Revert "Added a comment: HOORAY"
This reverts commit 1f12a388a0b1b7671fd0e67c34a48980249e677c.
Revert "Added a comment: Nevermind"
This reverts commit 7e9cef9c768285151dc320e09d9b4e963c490f6d.
Revert "Added a comment: Nevermind"
This reverts commit 6bdbe734557bee8d3eca65f03cc3ac36e68002ef.
Revert "Added a comment: Once more"
This reverts commit cc9b11dd4eaaa083f0f0cfe0056f662162ed00a7.
Added a comment: Once more
Revert "Added a comment: But this time"
This reverts commit b566326f4c1c39c28425d783e9cf6cd0457e9fcd.
Added a comment: But this time
Added a comment: Nevermind
Added a comment: Nevermind
Added a comment: HOORAY
I actually do think things are fixed.
So it seems that my nginx setup was pointing at the WRONG CGI FILE. This
cgi file was pointed to a repo that wasn't my ~/.dotfiles :((
Added a comment: DONE?
Added a comment: DONE?
creating tag page tags/git-annex
Weird that this post disappeared at some point.
Still had a copy, luckily.
Add list of books read in 2016
I really have no idea where to keep this list. My blog is a wiki and
that wiki lives in my own personal archive. Feels like I should keep it
Fix dates on several posts
Add 'src/blog/' from commit '31cdbb636ab30bffbf88a05e06f9676f2db2879c'
git-subtree-dir: src/blog
git-subtree-mainline: 6d4947ddaf3e14d73497cc00260a3412b3696950
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