Recent changes to this wiki:

Long simmering rant on CI namespaces
Have I really only read 8 books this year?
Cutting board!
XMas 2018
Add video controls to unicorn blood post
Unicorn blood post
Wishlist, books, css video fix
Add fall sunrise picture
creating tag page tags/photos/astrophotography
Add milky way picture
creating tag page tags/photos/35mm-f-1.4
Last Halloween post update. maybe.
Even moar Halloween post fixes
Fix more Halloween post typos
Minor holloween fixes
Halloween nerd project!
I disavow Wichita Homebrewers Organization
In fact WHO are they?
calendar update
Add a few books to my "to read" list
Add my hefe to my winnings
Some git advice in blog format
fix feedlink margin
Fiddle with css again
Different all-clad
Make wishlist look better outside org-mode
Wishlist update
A lovely hefe
Minor css tweak
Blog CSS updates
- Bigger titles
- Bigger text
- Better? Maybe.
Make "brewing" a top-level blog link
Add a few more books
Airity -> arity
Update local.css for nav header
Reverse Polish Notation blog post
Fix link to saison gauntlet
I drank a 4-year-old pumpkin saison
Kettle cleaning day!
Well. I setup a fossil instance.
I'm funny
Bloop! The blog post.
Add first Barcelona photo
Add blog post about AWK envvars
Add scoresheets too
Ensure there is a brewing feed
Walk back my tough talk since I'm not a tough guy
Mild gold photo
NHC first round results
Finally add my brewing stuff to my blog
Instruction update
Statue of Liberty
creating tag page tags/photos/28-300mm-f-3.5-5.6
Simplify and update color usage
Wow. I bumped the version in the CHANGELOG! Mostly because I need to
remember how to set things right again if I decide I hate this. Base16
seems real neat.
URxvt updates
- Font resizing works
- Prep for white background
Revert "Added a comment: Re: Thanks!"
This reverts commit 1fbb16756909e167d5c93b0321f0e1cf1664eb9e.
Assuming this was an accidental double post due to the confusing nature
of my comment system.
Added a comment: Re: Thanks!
Added a comment: Re: Thanks!
Add a few astrophotos
Added a comment: Thanks!
Cleanup my uncommitted changes
Looks like I had lots of local dotfile changes that needed to be
committed. This is a shitty commit of a whole bunch of things.
Snowflake macro
Wasting my day off...
creating tag page tags/photos/50mm-f-1.8
Reread m42 picture post.
creating tag page tags/photos/space
Add photo tag to M42 image.
My spelling is horrible.
Add photo of Orion
Update books read in 2018
The Broken Earth series is the best series I've read in quite a while.
small tweaks to css/verbiage for hireme
Finished Fire and Fury
Get my books in order
Initially I was planning on keeping everything in my blog. Now I don't
think that's a good idea. I like having some wiki content about my
books -- what I'm currently reading, what I have read, what I would like
to read. Those pages don't belong inside blog content, but inside a
wiki. So I re-activated the "/books" section for blog content. I maybe
will still blog about books. That stuff will be tagged "books", but will
be point-in-time content and listed under "/blog".
Websites are fun.
Added a comment: thanks elvirolo
Added a comment: me_cleaner
Added a comment: SPI flashing using an Olimex Olinuxino Lime2 board
2017 by the numbers
Added a comment: Alternative way for Git to support color schemes
Jumping spider
Fix bluejay typo and add a book
Long overdue bald bluejay picture
What I've been reading lately
Some of these may not fall wholly under the heading of "books"...
Fix link to tylercipriani.gpg per @robacarp
Added a comment: Understanding DAGs
Add a couple dresden files books
Correct link to abusing git notes
Update codeblock and blockquote colors
The Worm Bishop's slime.
The least helpful commit message ever. feelsgoodman.
Add equirectangular bluebell trail photo to photos
This also adds a js viewer for that photo. Hopefully, I'll take more of
these photos some day.
Topographical Sorting in Golang
Add some books
Solar eclipse photo!
A blog post about spelling.
Setting the world on fire.
Move books to org mode and update
I haven't been reading as much as I set out to at the beginning of this
year. I'm about half-way through a half-dozen other books that I can't
seem to find the motivation to finish.
Hummingbird photo
Random fixes for ikiwiki styles/layout/tags
found another kit
Update wishlist
Add wishlist stuff
creating tag page tags/wishlist
Fix typo per nickisghosty
Revert "Added a comment: typo"
Assuming this duplicate is because my comment system is horrible and
awful :)
This reverts commit 98c54f40fe1b01d290ab59bdf026c11d1fefac71.
Added a comment: typo