Recent changes to this wiki:

Get my books in order
Initially I was planning on keeping everything in my blog. Now I don't
think that's a good idea. I like having some wiki content about my
books -- what I'm currently reading, what I have read, what I would like
to read. Those pages don't belong inside blog content, but inside a
wiki. So I re-activated the "/books" section for blog content. I maybe
will still blog about books. That stuff will be tagged "books", but will
be point-in-time content and listed under "/blog".
Websites are fun.
Added a comment: thanks elvirolo
Added a comment: me_cleaner
Added a comment: SPI flashing using an Olimex Olinuxino Lime2 board
2017 by the numbers
Added a comment: Alternative way for Git to support color schemes
Jumping spider
Fix bluejay typo and add a book
Long overdue bald bluejay picture
What I've been reading lately
Some of these may not fall wholly under the heading of "books"...
Fix link to tylercipriani.gpg per @robacarp
Added a comment: Understanding DAGs
Add a couple dresden files books
Correct link to abusing git notes
Update codeblock and blockquote colors
The Worm Bishop's slime.
The least helpful commit message ever. feelsgoodman.
Add equirectangular bluebell trail photo to photos
This also adds a js viewer for that photo. Hopefully, I'll take more of
these photos some day.
Topographical Sorting in Golang
Add some books
Solar eclipse photo!
A blog post about spelling.
Setting the world on fire.
Move books to org mode and update
I haven't been reading as much as I set out to at the beginning of this
year. I'm about half-way through a half-dozen other books that I can't
seem to find the motivation to finish.
Hummingbird photo
Random fixes for ikiwiki styles/layout/tags
found another kit
Update wishlist
Add wishlist stuff
creating tag page tags/wishlist
Fix typo per nickisghosty
Revert "Added a comment: typo"
Assuming this duplicate is because my comment system is horrible and
awful :)
This reverts commit 98c54f40fe1b01d290ab59bdf026c11d1fefac71.
Added a comment: typo
Added a comment: typo
Revert "Added a comment: Auto-repeat as context menu"
This comment is a duplicate and I'm assuming it was added because my
comment setup is shitty.
This reverts commit 5950f726cf33c26bc8cd8c536afbac2a73633c39.
Added a comment: Auto-repeat as context menu
Added a comment: Auto-repeat as context menu
thingy hider
Bad fix for android phones missing unicode points
Android fonts are missing things like 𝑎, 𝑏, and 𝑛 because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Inevitable fixes to my blog post as always
Add a blog post about rsync!
Microformat license
Lily photo I took
Revert "Added a comment: 2 memory modules unsupported?"
This reverts commit e081876937d46afbd1f4a0965fc2a07d35319b4d.
Added a comment: Human Resource Machine
Added a comment: 2 memory modules unsupported?
Added a comment: 2 memory modules unsupported?
Added a comment: Human Resource Machine
Remove TOCs
creating tag page tags/photos/flower
Make my about page more depressing
creating tag page tags/photos/bug
creating tag page tags/photos/macro
Yellowjacket photo
Can't. Stop. The. CSS.
Shorter lines are more readable lines
Started learning about go
Which naturally lead to me fucking with my CSS.
Redirect my hireme page
Add 2 photos. Be furious at jgm.
I am unclear why the number of columns my text spans should affect ANY
FUCKING THING with its html output. That is beyond obnoxious. Pep8 for
markdown tables.
I have no idea why I haven't run into this sooner, but it is absolutely
astounding that you can't turn this off in any way. Princpal of least
surprise? Get fucked.
Revert "creating tag page tags/photos/birds"
This reverts commit 2633ae78f4462afddb94e3db4430e50c56aea618.
Revert "creating tag page tags/photos/animals"
This reverts commit a6ee852571282502f140ffd48871f5495f6ccb6d.
creating tag page tags/photos/birds
creating tag page tags/photos/animals
calendar update
Modify life list format
I like definition lists.
creating tag page tags/photos/2017/06
Identified random bird as a bushtit
Add male house finch photo
creating tag page tags/photos/2017
creating tag page tags/photos/2017/04
Thomas Maulbeck email fix for x220 post
Also a tweak to the copyright on a different post that was all wonky
Literate vimrc file
This is an experiment that was enabled by my giant universal repo of
doom. Like that repo this may, in fact, be a terrible idea. Like that
repo I reserve the right to slowly back away from this idea and mention
that fact to no one except this git log.
wondered -> wandered
Add osprey photo to life list
Add moose photo
creating tag page tags/photos/70-200mm-f-2.8
creating tag page tags/photos/rocky-mountain-national-park
Link to photos in header, add photo scripts
Forgot to add title to jsonfeeditem.tmpl
Add jsonfeed support
Deterministic turing machine blog post
Move it from a gist to a proper blog post. Not sure why I made it a gist
to begin with.
creating tag page tags/photos/boulder
creating tag page tags/photos/longmont
Add more pictures.
creating tag page tags/photos/bird
creating tag page tags/photos/0mm-f-0
creating tag page tags/photos/landscape
creating tag page tags/photos/animal
creating tag page tags/photos/eagle
creating tag page tags/photos/mountain
creating tag page tags/photos/flatirons
Update pandoc ikiwiki, add flatirons photo
creating tag page tags/photos/24-70mm-f-2.8
Start putting my photos in my blog
creating tag page tags/photos/14mm-f-2.8-1.4
creating tag page tags/photos/nikon-d610
creating tag page tags/photos/vienna
creating tag page tags/photos/model/NIKON-D610
creating tag page tags/photo/model/NIKON-D610
creating tag page tags/photo
creating tag page tags/vienna