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Start putting my photos in my blog
creating tag page tags/photos/14mm-f-2.8-1.4
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Added a comment: Works very well
Inevitable corrections to FCC blog post
What I told the FCC
Added a comment: Using the code
Update: copyright, licensing, images, etc.
Another fiddle with my style
More style layout fiddlng
Update blog typography
A blog/reading update
Added a comment: include gitconfig
Update my blog self-portrait
Also https-ify my photos site links and a quick shout-out for Street
Fighter MotDs which are super cool.
Update books read in 2016
Obligatory spelling error the minute after publishing
Book Review: CODE by Charles Petzold
Added a comment: Great stuff
fix missing me firmware
Update books read
Fix foundation link
Update books read this year
"my" sigh :(
Make sure people don't fry the shit out of things
Man, it's no wonder people don't write posts like this...makes me
Minor fixes for coreboot post
Also, I should make it clear that the steps *actually work*.
Add coreboot post
creating tag page tags/hardware
creating tag page tags/coreboot
"Remote" desk
My remote desk
Add moar books read
Add my first book review!
Committing to this whole 1 archive thing
I just thought about my old blog, balloontoablimp.
I realized that most of that content was gone.
This is what I was able to recover. Most of it is bad, a lot of it is
tone-deaf and irrelevant, but this is what I was able to recover of it.
Revert "Added a comment: DONE?"
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Revert "Added a comment: DONE?"
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Revert "I actually do think things are fixed."
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Added a comment: Once more
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Added a comment: But this time
Added a comment: Nevermind
Added a comment: Nevermind
Added a comment: HOORAY
I actually do think things are fixed.
So it seems that my nginx setup was pointing at the WRONG CGI FILE. This
cgi file was pointed to a repo that wasn't my ~/.dotfiles :((
Added a comment: DONE?
Added a comment: DONE?
creating tag page tags/git-annex
Weird that this post disappeared at some point.
Still had a copy, luckily.
Add list of books read in 2016
I really have no idea where to keep this list. My blog is a wiki and
that wiki lives in my own personal archive. Feels like I should keep it
Fix dates on several posts
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