An Autohagiography

I’m depressing to follow on social media.

I make beer. I really like coffee. I have taken a photo or two in my day.

I work remotely for the Wikimedia Foundation from my home in Longmont, Colorado although my views do not represent the views of my employer. I have worked for other places, and I have listed those places on my Résumé.

My dotfiles may be the only thing standing between humanity and certain destruction – I don’t really know for sure.

Free Software Foundation Member

I believe in a robust, free, and open internet. The internet – as it exists currently – is fragile, centralized, and is vulnerable to (and increasingly captured and subverted by) longstanding societal power structures. I believe a digital dark age is coming and/or here. I believe we will continue down the path of destroying the internet because we need regulation to stop it, and the current state of late-stage capitalism means that politicians are beholden to different class of people than me.

I guess this is a rambly way of saying that I’ve lost faith in real democracy and the internet is dead.

I 😹 the internet. I worry about it all the time.