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Tyler Cipriani
Tyler Cipriani

Hi! I’m Tyler. /me *waves*

I believe in libre software that works for users to help empower a vibrant and thoughtful community.

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Open Source

  • Wikimedia foundation’s deployment software. I led the most-recent update for this software.
  • Python3 ssh-agent proxy. I wrote about Keyholder for the Wikimedia Foundation blog.
  • Ruby daemon to connect SparkFun’s internal Jenkins server with our GitHub hosted repository
  • My dotfiles became a personal archive several years ago. This repository keeps my configuration and scripts, serves my blog, and holds all my photos. One repository to maintain over many years.


Wikimedia Foundation Wikimedia FoundationSoftware Engineer – 2015-02-09 - Present
  • Led creation of python-based deployment tooling that deploys changes for all software in production–including MediaWiki–to around 1,000 production servers

  • Work as part of a cross-department team to migrate production microservices to a continuous deployment pipeline using Go, Docker, Minikube, and Kubernetes

  • Tech:
    Linux Debian Python Git Puppet Jenkins Go Docker Kubernetes MediaWiki PHP

SparkFun SparkFunWeb Developer/Systems Administrator – 2013-11-18 - 2015-02-07
  • Created android-tablet, ReactJS-based shipping software

  • Migrated important table logging from MongoDB to PostgreSQL-trigger audit trail

  • Environment:
    PHP PostgreSQL Debian chef Git nginx MongoDB Memcached Beanstalk Gearman Nagios Jenkins CasperJS PHPUnit jQuery QUnit Bootstrap saltstack

UpSync UpSyncWeb Developer/Systems Administrator – 2012-10-22 - 2013-11-15
  • Developed features for mobile, offline project with PHP 5.4, JavaScript, and Objective-C

  • Built, monitored, and maintained load-balanced VPC CentOS-6-based LAMP stack on AWS

  • Environment:
    AWS CentOS PHP MySQL XCode/Objective-C SVN Nagios Cacti WebSQL AMD.js Backbone D3 jQuery

Custom Channels Custom ChannelsDirector of Technology – 2009-07-22 - 2012-10-19
  • Built and maintained small pool of Xen-based virtual servers

  • Built and maintained Linux (CentOS and Ubuntu) VPS machines for file storage, streaming media, and web applications

  • Built command line tools to manage 100s of thousands of OGG, FLAC, and MP3 files

  • Developed, designed, and architected internal and customer-facing MVC web services to stream music and manage a playlist of songs


I write things, sometimes about work, sometimes about other stuff. Here are a few choice bits for getting to know me better.

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