GNU Autotools
Tyler Cipriani Posted

  • Written in m4sh (m4 + shell)
  • Program initialization: AC_INIT macro—needs name, version, maintainer
  • Initialize automake: AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE
  • Make sure that C-compiler exists: AC_PROG_CC
  • Build Makefile from, replaces @PACKAGE_VERSION@-type variables: AC_CONFIG_FILES([Makefile])
  • Output the script: AC_OUTPUT

  • The ./configure script (created by, expects to find
  • is long and dumb (just like ./configure), so we make a
  • automake generates
  • foreign AUTOMAKEOPTIONS tells that the layout is "non standard"

Put it all together:

  • create m4 environment: aclocal
  • autoconf does: configure.acconfigure
  • automake --add-missing does:
  • autoreconf --install: autoreconf runs autoconf, autoheader, aclocal, automake, libtoolize, and autopoint
License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License
Ikiwiki things
Tyler Cipriani Posted


Mostly it was pretty easy

OpenID Setup

Ikiwiki requires an OpenID setup.

You can login to Ikiwiki with OpenID, and I think that's neat!

Since OpenID is somewhat dead, I decided to setup a personal SimpleID.

I put this all on the analytics server.

First I had to create a DNS record for so letsencrypt would work.

Then I made a new letsencrypt cert:

Then I grabbed and installed openid

Edited the config.php file, changed root webserver and the pretty url thing

I also made a virtualserver:

Identity file: thcipriani.identity

Blog setup

The things that I didn't understand about Ikiwiki:

  1. htmlscrubber removes all your scripts
  2. Some changes to the setup file (like git_wrapper updates) require you to run ikiwiki --changesetup [setupfile]
  3. I am running a staging wiki on my laptop, a wiki on my webserver, and then pushing the compiled files to s3: WAT‽
License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License
Tyler Cipriani Posted


Install goobook:

I ran into some problems in arch, had to upgrade/reinstall a few deps:

goobook then needs to authenticate with gmail:

Once you go through the oauth song and dance you should be able to run a query

From there, just need to add a bit of magic to the ~/.muttrc file

Viewing URLs

Install urlview: ncurses program parses urls out of text.

Create a $HOME/urlview file:

Bind \,u in the editor:

Searching Mail

Searching works really well via notmuch

Afer install, setup via

After setup, it's just a matter of calling

to index the things

License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License