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Find Your Phone When You've Got No Friends!
Tyler Cipriani Posted

OK, so I don’t have many friends (aside from you, loyal readers [reader…whatever]) so when I lose my phone I can’t turn to my good friend Pete (if I had a friend his name would be Pete) and say, “Hey, Pete, Ole buddy of mine, call my phone.” No, when I lose a cell phone it stays lost. I’m not just writing this for pity email (although I wouldn’t mind some) I’m writing this because I have the answer to my problems: Google Maps! I know it’s probably old news to some blog junkies out there (like me single tear) but there are probably a lot of people who don’t know this trick, and if school house rock has taught me anything it’s that knowlege is power (and how to unpack my adjectives)! How-to website instructables shows you how to make Google maps call your cell phone for you.

Link (via Instructables)

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