I realize that this update is long overdue, in fact, that is the point of this update. I have been kind of busy lately what with the end of semester and all, and I'd just like to share with you (because you're interested) a few of the things I've been up to besides updating this blog.

  1. Makin' all A's
  2. Studying non-stop for my Comptia A+ exam.
  3. Working all week at the WIN Office on the Wichita State University campus. Yeah I maintain the website, not impressed? Yeah, it's not that great.
  4. And Finally as of yesterday, I installed new RAM into my Laptop and then installed Windows XP Pro and Ubuntu 7.04 to dual boot, which, when all was said and done, killed my day (no, not cause I'm stupid, just cause it does).

Well, I guess now everyone’s up to date on ole Tyler’s life right now. It may not be entertaining, or interesting at all, but that’s how I roll son.

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