DUNDUNDaDUHH! (that's right it's a triumphant music sound. I can use onomatopoeia, I'm the tech blog of the week!) As my five or six regular readers may already know, there exists a fantastic website called Daily Cup of Tech that I have featured on this website a few times (or maybe just once, but really, who keeps track of these things?). You also may or may not know that Daily Cup of Tech has a little award known as the Tech Blog of the Week. For this week I share that title with one of my favorite websites, The How-To Geek. This award is, as most awards tend to be, both a blessing and a curse. Sure, now I get some of that sweet sweet recognition that I so long for, but, at the same time, I have to update this site on a more regular basis and maybe actually put some quality content on here. I know right now it seems like a long row to hoe, but friends, I think I am just the Joe to hoe it!
So long story short, this blog is awesome and by extension you are awesome for reading it. Futhermore, this blog's awesomeness has been verified through the fine third-party reporting of Daily Cup of Tech. Kudos to the entire staff at DCoT for having amazing taste in tech, and 'much props', as the kids say, to you, the reader, without which I would be an insignificant amoeba lost and alone in the sad sea that is the internet.

...and on that note...

Here are a few of my favorite Tech Blog's of the Week featured in past

  • Freeware Genius
    DCoT says, "If your hard drive is a bit empty, head over to Freeware Genius and say, 'Fill ‘er up!'"
  • Shankri-la
    DCoT says, "With a very strong technology leaning, ShanKri-la has the potential to be a great blog."
  • Thoughts From the Sidelines
    DCoT says, "They have so much cool stuff that if I were to buy everything that I wanted from their site, I’d have no money left for other, less important necessities in life like food and shelter."
  • Pocketables
    DCoT says,"Pocketables will help you keep up with the tech Jones."

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