Most people on the internet have some favorite website that isn’t around anymore. Some people on the internet - me for instance - know where to find that website. If your website was popular enough, chances are it got archived and can now be found with the Wayback Machine (I believe it was invented by a Mr.Peabody, however, this fact is, as yet, unsubstantiated).
The website I miss most in this world is currently working via the Wayback Machine. I am refering to every guitarist’s favorite website: OLGA.
online guitar archive olga
Not only is ole OLGA up, you can still get some tabs from it. You can download any tab you want and, from there, simply open it with Notepad++, not just Windows default notepad, things’ll look all weird. Anyway, this discovery made me pee a little when I found it, so I thought I’d share it.
Also, you can use the Wayback Machine to laugh at old incarnations of your favorite websites. Such as Google from December 2nd, 1998 where under the link titled Google! Logos I found a bitchin’ logo.
Anyway, playing is for pleasure so have some fun and play around with the Wayback Machine. See if you can find some other old school website that still works, if you do, share it with *balloontoablimp via email or in my shout box (I’ve already tried using audiogalaxy [doesn’t work], original [doesn’t work] and [also, not working] - by ‘not working’ I mean that their services no longer work, not the website itself).

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