Instead of lifting each sheet from the bottom and pulling it off of the pad in a vertical direction, lift each sheet from the side.

–, Tips for creating Post-it® Super Sticky Note pixel art

How to peel a Post-It®

💡 tl;dr: Always peel post-its from the side, not the bottom.

🌠 The More You Know

This is a public service announcement: you’re peeling your sticky notes all wrong.

But you’re not alone; I only learned how to properly peel a Post-It at an in-person offsite in 2015.

As our team worked, we noticed some of our Post-Its were curlier than others. And the curlier Post-Its tended to fall off the wall.

Our facilitator diagnosed our dispair, “If you peel post-its from the side, they don’t curl up.”

🧐 Why this works

3M scientists Spencer Silver and Art Fry gifted the Post-It to humanity.

The Post-It’s magic is its microsphere adhesive, discovered in 1968 by Silver; it affords Post-Its the singular ability to stick and unstick from paper without damaging it.

Post-It® at 400× magnification, The microsphere adhesive, top: “beautiful, bright, clear, crystalline spheres — like little glass balls,” – Spencer Silver

A Post-It’s easy unstickability is its biggest feature and its downfall.

When you yank a note from the bottom, it curls. That curling is just enough force to lift the note off the paper, the whiteboard, or whatever it’s stuck to.

✅ nice and flat vs. ❌ curly and cursed

So the next time you’re slingin’ stickies, just remember: one rule you must abide: always peel a Post-It® from the side.