Keyboard shortcuts are the ish nizzle, they speed up your computing, they simplify navigation, they’re old school. If you can’t navigate your filesystem/computer without touching your mouse, then you aren’t as cool as me, and that’s the straight dope. I’m writing this because I saw an article today on the lifehacker website about mastering the windows key. All the article really was was this video. Actually, the video was kind of inaccurate. Sure, it’s true that you use Windows Key+Pause/Break key to bring up System Properties, but what if you don’t have a combo pause/break key? Well, if you’re using XP you use WINDOWS_KEY+Pause and if you’re using windows vista you use WINDOWS_KEY+break.
Another thing about keyboard shortcuts is that you can make a keyboard shortcut for any program (or shortcut to a program) on your desktop by: (1) Right-clicking the icon (2) Clicking properties (3) clicking inside the shortcut input field and (4) pressing the key that you want to use in conjunction with Ctrl and Alt for your shortcut (i.e. if I were to click in the shortcut input box and press, “f” the shortcut to bring up the program would be “Ctrl+Alt+f”).
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So that about wraps this little post up. If you have any favorite shortcuts, dear reader, that you’d like to share, post them in my shoutbox, or email them to me.

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