So, if you know me (which you don't; DON'T ACT LIKE YOU KNOW ME!) you know that I loves me some WiFi. I'm constantly setting up an encryption key on my router without looking to see if I can crack it, I enjoy building little antennas or cantennas to see how far down the street I can get before I lose my signal, basically I'm a geek with a penchant for WiFi. As such, I really want this, what this is is a solar-powered WiFi kit. It's built for the outdoors and is supposed to increase wireless connectivity range about 700 feet (which means I could probably hop on Watermark Books' connection down the street). Plus it's solar powered so no need for any extra wiring and it's saving the enviroment (score one for the dolphins, I guess). So if you want to wire me some cash or just send one of these bad boys straight to me, then feel free. As a side note I'm also a huge fan of the wireless products over at Pasadena Networks.

Link (via Thoughts From the Sidelines)

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